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About Koh Kradan     please visit Thailand´s islands

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Koh Kradan is probably the most beautiful small island in the marine national park of Hat Jao Mai. It has very nice sandy beaches and is covered with coconut palmtree and rubber plantations. The island is a perfect hideaway for very lazy days on the beach. Snorkeling and swimming are excellent and laying in the shadow of the trees is relaxing and wellness for the soul. It needs only some minutes to walk through the forest and to reach a small beach on the west coast for a romantic sunset. Going around the island by kajak can be a good sporting activity. There is another very lonely beach on the northern west coast. Koh Kradan island can be seen from Koh Mook and Koh Ngai.

There is no ATM machine or any medical supply on the island.

How to get there

by private boats from Koh Mook or Koh Libong or Koh Ngai or from the pier at Trang coast. Day trip boats from Koh Lanta stop at Koh Kradan as well as speedboats from Koh Lipe like or During the rainy season Koh Kradan can not be visited on a regular basis.

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eight small resorts offer rooms and bungalows, from very simple huts and tents to luxury bungalows at the beach. All resorts are located on the east coast, except the Lost paradise resort, that has a few bungalows and a restaurant in the center of Koh Kradan, but only a few minutes walking from the beaches. Its possible to bring the own tent and sleep on the beach. Most people come for a daytrip, so the overnight guests can spend a very lonesome and quiet evening and night on Koh Kradan.


Both resorts can be booked here: Kradan Beach Resort  -  Sevenseasresort  -  Koh Kradan map

Good for

for island hopping, staying some days in beautiful pure nature at the beach.



Kradan Beach Resort

Sunset Beach Kradan

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