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Trang islands


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Koh Sukorn (Mu)

About Koh Sukorn / Sukhon     please visit Thailand´s islands

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Koh Sukorn is a beautiful, small und rather unknown island directly in front of the coast of Trang province. 4.000 muslime Thais live in Ban Siam Mai, Ban Tung and Ban Laem, earning their money from coconut and rubber tree plantations and fishery. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. Tourism plays no major role on the island. There are some shops and small restaurants in Ban Siam Mai. ATMs and medical care is not available. Life is very simple, peaceful and natural, only in the high season you will meet a few backpackers, who are looking for the simple life. The island is covered with coconut palms and rubber tree plantations, and grazing land for cattle. All roads are paved with concrete and good for a bike or motorbike trip. So it is easy to explore the island individually in a few hours. Koh Sukorn is a rather flat island, the highest elevation is 150 meters. The most beautiful beach is located on the west coast, another in the northwest. The longest beach of Sukorn stretches along the southwest coast, but it is not tapped and shadowless. In good weather conditions you can have a wonderful scenic view over the Mu Koh Petra Marine Park with its limestone islands of Ko Petra, Ko Laoliang (Lao Lieng), Ko Takiang (Takieng), Ko Bulon and also Ko Libong. For Tourists Koh Sukorn offers nothing special, but peaceful and quiet days on the beach, especially at the Sukorn Beach Resort with ist magnificent sunsets at the long and empty beach.
Sukorn Beach Resort offers longtail boat tours to the nearby islands of Koh Bulon, Koh Laoliang or Koh Takieng. The rides last about one hour and can only be done in calm weather conditions. Prices are from 1800 to 3000 Baht per boat. The opposit island of Koh Petra is under strict nature protection and can not be visited. In the nearby town of Ban Siam Mai, which can be reached by a short walk, one can enjoy some food or buy some things or even meet some Thai people, who try to learn english, when speaking to foreigners. Not many backpackers arrive at Sukorn, so the beaches and the resorts are still quiet and empty most weeks of the year.

How to get there

Flight to Trang with Nokair and Taxi/Minibus to the pier of Ban Tasae or Palian. From here by boat daily at noon in 15/60 minutes to Ban Siam Mai or by longtail boat directly to the beach and resort. You can also get off the express boat (Tigerlinetravel) at Koh Laoliang and rent a longtail, which brings you to Sukorn for about 1500 Baht.

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There are seven bungalow resorts on Koh Sukorn, some are laying very nicely under coconut trees. However, only two of them can be recommended. The Sukorn Bungalow Beach Resort is the best resort on the beautiful long beach at the western shore of Sukorn. The facility is very clean and well maintained and has beautiful bungalows in a tropical garden directly on the long and lonely sandy beach. Their guests enjoy the beauty and silence of the place as well as the food and the hospitality. Children under 7 years are not permitted.
Another resort, the Cabana Sukorn Cabana is led by a Thai family and offers also nice bungalows, but only a fairly small stretch of beach. All other resorts are very simple and offer no good restaurants or consistent power supply.


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Good for

Travellers, seeking an unspoiled quiet island with friendly and very kind people.





Sukorn Beach


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